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song collaborator show/album song type listen watch purchase
A Better Resurrection Christina Rossetti (poem) , , Purchase A Better Resurrection
A Very Short Song Dorothy Parker (poem) , , Watch A Very Short Song Purchase A Very Short Song
Air Sam Davis (music) , Watch Air Purchase Air
Alan’s Dead Faye Greenberg (lyrics) , , , , Watch Alan’s Dead Purchase Alan’s Dead
Almost Everything I Need Marcy Heisler (lyrics) , , Watch Almost Everything I Need Purchase Almost Everything I Need
At Christmas N/A , , , Purchase At Christmas
At The Mall Faye Greenberg, David Lawrence , Watch At The Mall
At This Turn In The Road Again Bil Wright (lyrics) , , Watch At This Turn In The Road Again Purchase At This Turn In The Road Again
August 12, 1964 Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , , Purchase August 12, 1964
Before I Lose My Mind N/A , Watch Before I Lose My Mind Purchase Before I Lose My Mind
Big Red Sun John Jiler (lyrics) Watch Big Red Sun
Big Wings N/A , , Watch Big Wings Purchase Big Wings
Blanket In July Marcy Heisler (lyrics) , , Watch Blanket In July Purchase Blanket In July
Casual N/A , , Watch Casual
Caught My Attention John Jiler Watch Caught My Attention
Come Over N/A , , , Watch Come Over
Come, Lord, and Tarry Not ,
Communication Alicia Partnoy (poem) , , , Watch Communication Purchase Communication
Composed Upon Westminster Bridge William Wordsworth (poem) , Watch Composed Upon Westminster Bridge Purchase Composed Upon Westminster Bridge
Connect N/A Watch Connect
De Profundis Christina Rossetti (poem) , , , Purchase De Profundis
Do Not Stand At My Grave Mary Elizabeth Frye (poem) , Purchase Do Not Stand At My Grave
Echo Christina Rossetti (poem) , , Purchase Echo
Fifteen Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , , Purchase Fifteen
Find Your Voice David Goldsmith Watch Find Your Voice
For Your Gifts of Love (Traditional) , , Purchase For Your Gifts of Love
From The Stars Susan Egan, Brian Haner , , Watch From The Stars Purchase From The Stars
Get A Clue Lisa Diana Shapiro (lyrics)
Gonna Be Great Lisa Diana Shapiro (lyrics)
Heart’s Desire Lisa Diana Shapiro (lyrics)
Hello, Hello John Jiler (lyrics) , , , Watch Hello, Hello
Hometown Girl John Jiler (lyrics) , , Watch Hometown Girl Purchase Hometown Girl
I Get To Show You The Ocean N/A , , , , Watch I Get To Show You The Ocean Purchase I Get To Show You The Ocean
I Hardly Remember Marcy Heisler (lyrics) , , Watch I Hardly Remember Purchase I Hardly Remember
I Lay My Armor Down Faye Greenberg (lyrics) , , , , Watch I Lay My Armor Down Purchase I Lay My Armor Down
If I Could Sam Davis (music) , , Watch If I Could Purchase If I Could
Invested In You Sam Davis (music) , , , Watch Invested In You Purchase Invested In You
It Almost Felt Like Love N/A , , Watch It Almost Felt Like Love Purchase It Almost Felt Like Love
Joyful Noise Psalm 100 , , Purchase Joyful Noise
Kites And Children N/A , , , Purchase Kites And Children
Let One Child See Bil Wright (lyrics) , , Watch Let One Child See
Life Is Not A Camera N/A , , , Purchase Life Is Not A Camera
Light Of The World John Jiler (lyrics) , Watch Light Of The World
London William Blake (poem) , Watch London Purchase London
Love After Love Derek Walcott (poem) , , Watch Love After Love Purchase Love After Love
Lullaby N/A , , Purchase Lullaby
Maybe God’s Mean Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , ,
Mister Blue John Jiler (lyrics) , , , , Watch Mister Blue Purchase Mister Blue
More Of My Mother David Kirshenbaum (music) , , Watch More Of My Mother Purchase More Of My Mother
My Lifelong Love N/A

, , , , , Watch My Lifelong Love Purchase My Lifelong Love
Not Yet N/A
, , Watch Not Yet Purchase Not Yet
Officer Darling Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , , Purchase Officer Darling
One Day More N/A , , , Watch One Day More Purchase One Day More
One Thousand Places To See Before You Die N/A , Watch One Thousand Places To See Before You Die
Onward Beyond N/A Watch Onward Beyond Purchase Onward Beyond
Palimpsest N/A , , , Watch Palimpsest Purchase Palimpsest
Paris, My Paris John Jiler (lyrics) , Watch Paris, My Paris
Perfect Summer Sam Davis (music) , , Watch Perfect Summer Purchase Perfect Summer
Platonic Affair N/A , , Watch Platonic Affair
Prepared N/A , , Watch Prepared Purchase Prepared
Private I Lisa Diana Shapiro (lyrics)
Proud To Be Different
River Like Life Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , Purchase River Like Life
Ryan And The Water Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , , Purchase Ryan And The Water
Shaughnessy Lisa Diana Shapiro (lyrics)
She N/A
, , , Watch She Purchase She
Sing Me A Happy Song N/A , , Purchase Sing Me A Happy Song
Slinging’ the Slang Lisa Diana Shapiro (lyrics)
Someday A Man Bil Wright (lyrics) , , Purchase Someday A Man
Sonnet for Voice, Cello and Piano William Henry Hutchinson (poem) , , , Watch Sonnet for Voice, Cello and Piano Purchase Sonnet for Voice, Cello and Piano
Sonnet XXIX William Shakespeare (poem) , Watch Sonnet XXIX Purchase Sonnet XXIX
Staring At My Dreams N/A , , , Watch Staring At My Dreams Purchase Staring At My Dreams
Stop N/A , , Watch Stop Purchase Stop
Sunday Light Marcy Heisler (lyrics) , , Watch Sunday Light Purchase Sunday Light
Sweet Ophelia Bil Wright
Swing, Schmuel, Swing John Jiler (lyrics) , , Watch Swing, Schmuel, Swing
That Look Faye Greenberg (lyrics) , , , , Watch That Look Purchase That Look
The Baby Song N/A , Watch The Baby Song Purchase The Baby Song
The Holy Secret Len Schiff (lyrics) , , , Watch The Holy Secret Purchase The Holy Secret
The Me Of The Moment N/A , , , Watch The Me Of The Moment Purchase The Me Of The Moment
The New You Eric Pressley , Watch The New You
The Night Belongs To You John Jiler , Watch The Night Belongs To You
The Promise Of Light Len Schiff (lyrics) , , , Watch The Promise Of Light Purchase The Promise Of Light
The Rain Falls Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , , Watch The Rain Falls Purchase The Rain Falls
The Red Herring Lisa Diana Shapiro (lyrics)
The Story Lisa Diana Shapiro (lyrics)
The Story: Finale Lisa Diana Shapiro (lyrics)
The Wanting Of You Marcy Heisler (lyrics)
, , Watch The Wanting Of You Purchase The Wanting Of You
These Two Howard Schwartz (lyrics) , , , , Watch These Two Purchase These Two
This is Nicky Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , Purchase This is Nicky
This Ordinary Thursday N/A , Watch This Ordinary Thursday Purchase This Ordinary Thursday
To Serve And Protect Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , , Purchase To Serve And Protect
To The Top John Jiler , , , Watch To The Top
Waiting For Wings Jason Robert Brown (co-music) Purchase Waiting For Wings
Web Of Lies John Jiler (lyrics) , , , , Watch Web Of Lies
Wedding Plans Jeff Hylton (lyrics) , Watch Wedding Plans Purchase Wedding Plans
What Lips My Lips Have Kissed Edna St. Vincent Millay (poem) , , Watch What Lips My Lips Have Kissed Purchase What Lips My Lips Have Kissed
When Did You Decide? N/A ,
When I Am Dead Christina Rossetti (poem) , , Watch When I Am Dead Purchase When I Am Dead
With Hope and Virtue Barack Obama (text) , , Watch With Hope and Virtue Purchase With Hope and Virtue
You Never Know N/A , , , Watch You Never Know Purchase You Never Know