It Almost Felt Like Love

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Associated Artists: Sara Ramirez, Cynthia Erivo, Christina O'Neill,

We sat at the ocean.
We talked in the dark.
The wind made it chilly, but I felt a spark.
The night wasn’t perfect.
These things never are,
But it almost felt like love.

You laughed and I flirted.
We walked hand in hand.
My hair was a mess, all entangled with sand.
It wasn’t romantic.
Not a moon or a star,
But it almost felt like love.

Tell me again how you long to touch my skin.
Dangle your heart before my eyes.
I hear your voice, and I haven’t any choice
But to believe your lies.

I try to be normal.
Get back to my life.
I smile at my husband; you wink at your wife.
I can’t help but wonder…
I can’t shake the thought.
If only we’d dared
If only we’d not…
It wouldn’t be perfect.
These things never are.
But it might have felt like love.
It almost felt like love.