Collaborator: Sam Davis (music)

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Associated Artists: Will Chase, Andy Conaghan, Dan Callaway, Aleks Pevec

music by Sam Davis
lyrics by Georgia Stitt
© 2003

Closing my eyes and holding them tight,
Feeling my pulse as it races through me.
Taking a step and hoping it’s right,
Praying momentum will not undo me.
How many things do we know for certain?
How many times can we fly this blind?
I can pretend that I’ve never hurt. In
Time I’ll forget, and perhaps I’ll find

Everything good must come with a cost.
This I believe, as I live to prove it.
That which is found must once have been lost.
If there’s a wall, it takes work to move it.
Here comes a chance, and I’m lunging forward —
Making a vow that I will not fail!
Thousands of men have approached this point
Without ever venturing to inhale

Here’s what they call a crossroads.
Here is where life can start.
If I choose right, it’s fortune.
If I choose wrong, it’s my broken heart.
Some people call this panic.
Funny how I don’t care!
All I can think is how much I need the air!
This air!
This air!

Filling my lungs, I’m filling with might.
Facing the facts, I know what my choice is.
Inside my head I hear what is right.
How can I lose if I trust these voices?
This is the vision I must have guide me.
This is the courage that makes men grow.
I am aware of a breath inside me:
Take it or leave it. I finally know it’s there.

Life will provide the air.