If I Could

Collaborator: Sam Davis (music)

Song Type: , ,

Associated Artists: Michael Arden, Michael Ryan Joyce

If I could,
I would freeze the clocks.
You’d never leave my bed;
I wouldn’t have to go to work.
Morning sun would linger on your sleeping face.

If I could,
I would keep it warm.
We’d never need our coats;
The summer wouldn’t fade to fall.
Everything as perfect as it is today, tomorrow.
Nothing ugly to remember.

If I could,
We’d never age a day.
Time wouldn’t be a burden.
This happiness we know
Would have space to grow
If I could make it so.

Tell me then,
Would you stay with me
If I could promise you
That life would always be this sweet?
How long would it take you to get bored
Of all the passion and the burning?
And would I recognize your yearning?
And if you asked me to start the clocks turning again,
Would I, if I could?