Sing Me A Happy Song

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Associated Artists: Shoshana Bean, Susan Egan

“The jazzy ballad ‘Sing Me a Happy Song’ sounds like it could be right out of an American Standard songbook, and Shoshana Bean gives it an Ella-like touch.” — Edge Publications

Sing me a happy song.
Just start it, and it won’t be wrong.
Something with life,
Something that’s new.
Sing me a happy song
‘Cause you’ve been blue for far too long.
Oh sing me a simple happy song.

Sing me a lullaby.
Lay with me and don’t ask why.
Rock me to sleep,
Trust that I’m right.
Sing me a lullaby.
Tonight the words won’t make you cry.
Oh sing me a happy lullaby.

There’s nobody else.
They’ve all gone away.
You’re safe in this room,
So let your music play–

And sing me that song at last
‘Cause all our pains are in the past.
Believe me,
We need the music–
So sing me the perfect happy song.