At Christmas

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Associated Artists: Susan Egan, Jessica Molaskey

At Christmas ©2001
Music and Lyrics by Georgia Stitt

I kept the receipts from the store.
The boxes are open and empty and stacked beside the door.
An evening gown lies in a heap on the floor.
Only three hundred sixty-four days ‘til Christmas.

I just put the stockings away.
The children are already bored and have gone outside to play.
The guests have gone home, and the tinsel’s gone astray.
How can it only be the day after Christmas…

When I’m still full of the holiday spirit?
I’m still decking my halls.
And just for once, the silent nights are welcome.
Instead of the silent walls.

The end of a season looms near.
The diet resumes as the last bites of candy disappear.
The calendar turns and I face another year
Of counting down ‘til Christmas.

Perhaps it’s only the wish that’s real,
But how I love the way a day can make me feel
At Christmas.