I Hardly Remember

Collaborator: Marcy Heisler (lyrics)

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Associated Artists: Kate Baldwin, Diana Rose Becker


(The Widow on Avenue D)

I hardly remember your face
I hardly remember the trace of the silver
Of light on your skin
Or watching you sleep
And wondering where do you end
And where do I begin

I hardly remember your eyes
I hardly remember their wise and their weary
Effect on my soul
And losing control
And wondering how it could be
That you could make me whole

I hardly remember
Begging the stars –
‘Don’t make the morning come too soon” –
I only remember
Your whispered ‘I Love you’
Once in a very
Blue Moon…

I hardly remember your kiss
I hardly remember the bliss
And surprise of your hand on my cheek
Or watching you sleep
And marveling at how I loved you so
That I could hardly speak

But winter comes
And springtime comes
And summer comes
And fall…
So much time
To hardly remember at all

So much time…
To hardly remember
At all