Maybe God’s Mean

Collaborator: Jeff Hylton (lyrics)

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I can’t feel; I can’t cry.
I don’t know how to begin to begin to try.
And I can’t believe what I need to believe
To make it through the day.
I try to pray, but I can’t find even one un-hateful thing to say.

I look at the world
And I look at the things I’ve seen
And I think:
Maybe God’s mean.

I look at a girl.
Who won’t live to see fourteen,
And I know:
God’s gotta be mean.

Maybe the good Lord gets his jollies
Watching man in all man’s follies,
And that’s mean.
Maybe old God just sits and chortles
At the suffering of mortals.
He sure loves to watch us wriggle on his hook.
And dammit any way you look…
That’s mean.

I look at a man
Who cannot put down a drink.
God, God’s mean.
That’s what I think.

I think about you,
With everything you deserve,
You got me.
That God’s got some nerve.

I tell you, God plays dirty,
And we try to stand so sturdy,
But we fall.
And maybe God thinks that’s funny.
And maybe that’s all.

Hard places and rocks
And down in the cracks between
God stuck man.
Dammit, that’s mean.

I think of last week
And I think of poor Maddy’s dad.
And I’m sure: God’s gotta be mad.

And there’s nothing that we can do,
But if I were God,
I’d change a thing or two.

Except for caffeine –
Maybe God’s mean.