I Get To Show You The Ocean

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Associated Artists: Faith Prince, Marika Aubrey

for MCB on her first birthday

If you need an escape,
There’s a smell on the Cape
That’s just magic.
It’s the salt in the breeze
And the flowering trees
And the towels that dry in the sun.
It’s nostalgia and music
And homemade ice cream
All rolled into one.
And you don’t even know,
‘Cuz your life has just begun.

I’m gonna show you the ocean.
You’re gonna play in the sand.
You’ve never been to the ocean
Or stood on the turf where the surf meets the land.
I get to show you the ocean.
Your eyes will widen with glee.
You’ll watch the fishies that tan in the tidepools.
I’ll watch my love fall in love with the sea.

And when summer is through
There’s a lot we can do
In the winter.
You’ll have snowflakes to catch.
We’ll make cookies from scratch,
Get a parrot and teach him to sing.
Who could guess that so quickly
I’m filled with joy that
Only you can bring?
And if one day you’re blue,
Trust me, I’ve got
Just the thing.

I’m gonna show you the ocean.
You’re gonna ride on a boat.
You’ve never been to the ocean,
Or sat near the spot where the dottybacks float.
I get to show you the ocean.
Kid, you’ve got so much in store.
I’ll be your teacher, your guide, your protector.
You’ll be my muse, always asking for more.

I’m sure one day you’ll want to go out on your own.
You’ll think I’m limited, at best.
Though intellectually I know the day will come,
I can’t imagine how I’ll handle all the rest.
What if you don’t like the water?
What if you won’t learn to swim?
What if one day someone steals your heart
And breaks it open,
And you think no one loves you but him?
I promise you, my little mermaid,
The ocean tides will still sing their tune.
And Momma’s love will always be here,
Constant as the moon.

Go chase your dreams to the ocean!
You take as long as you need.
I’ll wait for you by the ocean,
Content in my nook with a book I can read.
I get to show you the ocean!
Tomorrow morning we’ll start.
Let’s wake up early and search for a starfish.
I’ve got your swimsuit
And you’ve got my heart.