At The Mall

Collaborator: Faye Greenberg, David Lawrence

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lyrics by Georgia Stitt and Faye Greenberg
music by David Lawrence


The minute I walk in,
There is so much to see.
I check out the boys
Who are checking out me.
Every shape and size
And I want to sample them all.
I see dazzling designs
When I open my eyes.
Maybe I could change the world
With these hot dogs and fries.
Stop and take a look
Something special behind every wall

At the mall!
Hangin’ with a friend
At the mall!
Circulate and spend
You can be real
Loosen up, bust a deal
Hit your stride, as you glide down the hall
At the mall!

Outside we don’t exist
No one cares what we say
But here in the mall
It’s our world every day
This is our domain
And no one can make us feel small

At the mall!
Doin’ what you please
At the mall!
Lost in a crowd
Or shoutin’ out loud
You can scheme, you can dream, make a call
At the mall

I like the uniforms in grey
On those strong and sturdy types
At the mall, at the mall!
And I go a little crazy
For those scrumptious boys in stripes
At the mall, at the mall!
Try on the latest in couture
With a wrap that is surreal
At the mall, at the mall!
And some killer velvet sneakers
With a ten inch rubber heel
At the mall, at the mall!
Find an image that is sharp
With a style that’s ultra slick
Then rock the fast food world
Imagine noodles on a stick
At the mall, at the mall!