August 12, 1964

Collaborator: Jeff Hylton (lyrics)

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Associated Artists: Jeff McCarthy

I still remember August twelfth of nineteen sixty-four.
I’d just turned thirty-seven long years old.
I loved my wife, but oh, I loved my whiskey somewhat more.
And life at home was getting mighty cold.

I’d been out drinking very late on that dry Wednesday night.
And then I stumbled home up route fifteen.
That’s when I came upon the lady
Dressed in flowing white.
She was the cleanest thing I’d ever seen.

She looked at me
And she pointed to the sky.
And she pointed to the river.
Then she began to cry.
I took her hand.
It was cold and soft as snow.
Oh, her eyes held so much sadness.
Then she turned to go.

And as she walked away,
I know it’s weird.
I swear to you.
The lady disappeared.
Yes sir, I swear she disappeared.

It started raining right that instant as I stumbled on.
My wife had packed her bags and left by then.
It rained, the river swelled
And flooded ‘till our world was gone.
I never saw my wife alive again.

It was the worst damn flood by far
This town has ever known.
And it took many years to set things right.
And in the years since then,
I sometimes lay at night alone
And think about the girl in flowing white.
I’m sure I saw that girl again last night.
I swear, I saw that girl again last night.