This is Nicky

Collaborator: Jeff Hylton (lyrics)

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Susan this is Nicky
Meet him.
He is sort of cute.
He is very dumb.
He is kneeling with a ring.
And he’s great big nuts about you.
He can be a jerk.
He can be a bum,
But he can’t be anything
If he has to live without you.

Susan this is Nicky
Know him.
He’s a giant fool.
He’s a giant twit.
He is very very scared
Of the choices he is making.
He is full of dreams.
He is full of shit.
He feels very unprepared
For the life he’s undertaking
Susan this is Nicky
Meet him.

He’d like for you to meet him
Because he loves you like a rainstorm, too.
He wants to spend his life with you.
He wants you beside him
To tease him and guide him
Upbraid him and ride him
When he isn’t up to snuff
Where he hasn’t tried hard enough
When he’s missed his potential by a mile.
Susan, Nicky wants you with him all the while.

Susan, this is Nicky
Meet him.
Know him.
Learn him.
Please, don’t turn him away.
Susan this is Nicky on his knees
Saying please
Marry me
Marry me
What do you say?

Life’s too short
And life’s too long on sad surprises
To let a life be built on compromises.

Nicky this is Susan saying run
If you need to.
Run and run
Until you know that you are done.
Maybe then
You can visit me
And tell me where you’ve been.

Do I get to marry you?
Do I get to marry you?


Then nothing else matters
Susan this is Nicky.
Susan this is Nicky saying goodbye.