Collaborator: Jeff Hylton (lyrics)

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Associated Artists: Sally Wilfert

From “The Water”
music by Georgia Stitt
lyrics by Jeff Hylton

I was fifteen.
Not one care in the galaxy.
Loving life because life loved me.
Laughing with Sandy,
Flirting with Will,
And following Ryan
To some tiny thrill.
The future was a promise we all knew that we’d fulfill.
No doubt.
And my life was all about
Being fifteen,
And being happy.

Will makes me feel
Fifteen again.
Just fifteen.
Invincible and dumb, dumb, dumb.
Didn’t care where I was from.
Didn’t hate how far I have not come…

I was sixteen —
Almost —
Then one day Ryan spoke to me:
“Such a woman – you’re gonna be!
I know Will’s handsome.
I shouldn’t say,
But you’re growing up, kid,
And I’ve seen the way
That Sandy looks at you when you’re not looking ev’ry day.
Sees all you’re gonna be
When you are sixteen – and when
You’re eighteen and thirty and then
When you’re eighty – and been all you’ve been.
Rebecca –
Will is having fun,
But Sandy loves you.”

Will makes me feel
Fifteen again.
Just fifteen.
And Sandy makes me feel that I
Let my life just pass me by,
Let the promise he once saw run dry.

There was nothing that I could not do.
There was nothing that could faze me.
I was going to start a family.
Life was going to amaze me.
I was going to grow up to be
Everything they thought they could see
In me
When I was fifteen!

What if I have never been the woman he has seen?
I’m not an angel, not a queen
But you know what else I’m not?
I am not fifteen.