From The Stars

Collaborator: Susan Egan, Brian Haner

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Associated Artists: Susan Egan

Music by Brian Haner and Georgia Stitt
Lyrics by Susan Egan

When I met your daddy, his eyes lit the night,
and his smile make my heart skip a beat and take flight.
And you sat up on high and you sighed in delight as we kissed.

Then you danced on your cloud as we walked down the aisle,
and our lives filled with love as we traveled each mile
‘Til the day we both stopped and knew with a smile what we’d missed.

You: we dreamed of you, love.
And the planets aligned up above.
Your wings touched the night skies of Saturn and Mars.
My angel on loan from the stars.

Now you’re growing and waking a world of your own
as you babble and bask in the welcomed unknown.
And I watch you in wonder as each milestone passes by.

You: we whispered your name.
And the universe cried the same.
How lucky are we that you chose to be ours.
My angel on loan from the stars.

Now you’re walking and running and reaching new ground.
And I know what comes next, we are calendar bound
to keep time and take turns on this merry-go round.
It will fly.
The years racing by…

Oh but You: don’t fear what’s in store.
Darling, Someday we’ll all be stardust once more.
But I’ll find you my beauty, and I’ll hold you tight.
My angel back home in the light.
Once heaven is ours, we’ll all be back home in the stars.