Blanket In July

Collaborator: Marcy Heisler (lyrics)

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Associated Artists: Kate Baldwin, Allison Frenzel

(The Jilted Actress in Tompkins Square Park)

She is your blanket in July!
Your red umbrella in the sun!
She is the chance you must pass by!
Can you not see? I am the one!

She is your suit that doesn’t fit!
She is your Oxford’s worn out sleeve!
She is the chair on which you sit!
Hers is the nest that you must leave!

She is the milk that’s ten years old!
She is the algebra gone wrong!
She is the cream of wheat gone cold!
She is the guest that’s stayed too long!

She is your great Aunt’s mildewed fur!
She is the dashboard with a ding!
My dearest one, did it occur –
She is the winter! I, the Spring!

She is the monkey on your back!
You are the turtle in her shell!
I am the bitch poised for attack!
She is your love,
She is my hell.