Sunday Light

Collaborator: Marcy Heisler (lyrics)

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Associated Artists: Kate Baldwin, Diana Rose Becker, South Bay Cantors

(The Lover on Avenue A)

I wanted to touch you today
I wanted to take you in my arms
And kiss your green and shimmering
Angry eyes
Reaching through conversation and tea
To the sweet softness of once familiar skin
And the map of love my fingers still trace
In the long ago

I wanted to hold you, lash to lash
Tear to tear, wide awake
And wider dreaming
Sharing a whispered smile
In the private lullaby of Sunday light

And were we not wordless, walking
Wearing the easy rhythm of a city of friends
I would have told you, screamed you –
But I saw your comfort with the now
And thought better of drowning you
In my yesterday

It was then I felt your hand upon my shoulder
Reminding me of the tender truth:
The language of lovers is never lost
Rather spoken a thousand times
In a thousand ways, breathing as we do
In no way a prisoner of mistakes
Or memory

This is the kiss you left me with
Wide awake and wider dreaming –
Sharing once more
A whispered smile
In the private lullaby of
Sunday light