The Water is Wide

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Associated Artists: Kate Baldwin

Music: Traditional
Arrangement and New Lyrics: Georgia Stitt

"The Water is Wide" – performed by Kate Baldwin (arranged by Georgia Stitt)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s impact on our artists and audiences is immeasurable. Thank you to Kate Baldwin and Georgia Stitt for this beautiful tribute to her memory. “The Water is Wide” performed by Kate Baldwin; arranged by Georgia Stitt

Posted by Arena Stage on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

From Playbill’s Track-By-Track Breakdown Feature (3/27/20):


Beautiful Kate Baldwin calls me her “work wife” and it’s true: I music direct for her and she sings everything I write. It works out beautifully, and I feel as if I’ve gotten the much better part of the deal. Kate called me with one of those favor-asks; she was going to sing at a friend’s wedding and wondered if I would write an arrangement for her of this traditional tune. I said, yes, of course, but as we started figuring out what we wanted to do, we realized the traditional Irish lyrics were pretty bleak. False love, abandoned love, faded love, a broken heart! This is not wedding material! So I polished it up, which is a beautiful thing you can do with a public domain text. It only took a few new lyrics to shape the song around the idea that all things can be endured with a partner you love. And that’s true: just ask Kate about the time we were hiking down the side of a mountain when we were supposed to be at the airport boarding our plane. It’s a good thing I love her.