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Associated Artists: Jessica Vosk, Betsy Wolfe, Jessica Rush


Keepin’ it casual.
It’s fine.
He has his life; I have mine.
There are jobs to do, projects to plan,
Bills to pay, and then if I can…
There’s a man…

But I’m keepin’ it casual.
No rush.
Though, at time, he makes me blush.
I am not the type to lose my head.
Lots of things to want instead of a man.
I’m keepin’ it casual.

I built my business out of nothing.
I’ve done very well alone.
I didn’t spend my life investing
So I could wait here by the phone.
All of these sacrifices,
Now my goal’s in sight!
So explain to me why thoughts of romance
Keep me up at night?

And it doesn’t feel casual
To discover you care!
It feels like something broke
That you never knew was there.
You can work your fingers to the bone,
And you die successful
And alone.
Or you push away
Everything you thought before,
Admit… you want more!

Some nice guy who loves his mother.
No credit card debt.
Open to the thought of marriage,
Maybe even a pet.
Disciplined and dedicated,
Thinks New York is overrated,
Not the kind who chases every whim!
I thought I might have missed the boat,
But here he is.
It’s him!
It’s finally him!

So it’s gotta stay casual
At first,
Or I fear my heart might burst.
After keeping life at bay for years,
It’s shocking when it just

So for now,
There’s a man
Who might just have it all.
And… he will call…

I’m keepin’ it casual.