The Danger Year

Music & Lyrics by Georgia Stitt


In Japan, there is a belief that people at certain ages experience a “danger year”—years of calamity, upheaval, and rebirth. For men, those ages are 25 and 42, and for women, 19, 33 and 37. This revue, THE DANGER YEAR, brings five actors (3W, 2M) through these explosive and pivotal moments in their lives as they confront the choices they’ve made, the relationships they’ve built (or destroyed), the worlds they yearn for, and the worlds they can no longer sustain.


Feb 2015: workshop at Pace New Musicals, NYC
Jan 2015: concert presentation at 54 Below, NYC; Jason Robert Brown, director
Oct 2014: concert presentation at The Garrick Theatre, London; Danielle Tarento, director
May 2014: first reading at The York Theatre, NYC; Kent Nicholson, director