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January 28, 2008

Funny story. My daughter had an audition for college today, and we were rushing aroung the house trying to get to ready to leave last night. She needed to print something off the computer, and just grabbed it and ran out the door. Earlier in the day I had printed up the sheet music [to “My Lifelong Love”], but forgotten about it. While we were in the car driving she realized she had the music, so she just tucked into her binder pocket. At the audition, she sang her ballad, and then her up tempo piece, and they wanted to hear something else. The only other piece she had was your song, so she pulled it out and went for it. She said they loved it. No one in the room had heard it before so it was refreshing to them. We won’t know for a few weeks if she got into the college or not but I think she has a new favorite audition piece! Thanks again. The timing was PERFECT.

Beth S.

I was asking how I might get a hold of the sheet music for a few of your songs. More specifically the following song: I LAY MY ARMOR DOWN (this song just slays me every time I listen to it–no pun intended. One of these days I’ll stop crying when I hear it; let me tell you, people tend to look at you strangely when you’re crying to your iPod at the Gym).

S. H.

This is just a quick amusing note — first, I love the title track of “This Ordinary Thursday”, and just ordered the album — looking forward to it! Second, the reason I’m writing, is that when I first pressed “play” on your website and turned up my speakers, it sounded normal, but after a moment — just before the “someone practicing Bach” part, I heard a distinctly non-ordinary electronica sort of background accompaniment. I thought “man, this is some weird but interesting sort of music!”

“This Ordinary Thursday” got weirder and weirder as I listened, and the electronica sort of elements stopped blending so well into the background and got louder, until I finally realized that iTunes was on in the background, quietly playing the track “God Bless” by the band Lamb.

It was a surreal experience… I definitely prefer the normal version now that I had a chance to hear your piece by itself! 🙂

Eric N.

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