Alphabet City Cycle

January 28, 2008

I recorded these five songs over two years ago with the fantastic singer Kate Baldwin and the brilliant violinist Victoria Paterson. Lyrics are by the amazing Marcy Heisler. And with a few exceptions, I don’t think anyone has heard them. I’m thinking of making them the foundation of my second album. Take a listen. What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Alphabet City Cycle”

  1. Amanda on said:

    Please do! Even if you don’t, please include “Almost Everything I Need” on your next album and then immediately release the sheet music. It was one of the songs that made me fall in love with your music!

  2. Real History Lisa on said:

    Amanda, I was just going to say the same thing. I loved “Almost Everything I Need” when I heard it in LA at – I believe – Georgia’s most recent concert here, in Santa Monica. It’s a beautiful song and really needs to be more widely shared.

    I haven’t heard the others yet but will listen when I get home.

  3. Phil on said:

    I absolutely love it! It reminds me of Maury Yeston’s song cycle December Songs. Really terrific song writing…I can’t wait to see your stuff in concert, or even better, in a full scale musical!

  4. kbsings on said:

    Love this cycle!!!! Will you ever publish this? Would love it to teach my students! As you know I already am teaching from This Ordinary Thursday! – Karen

  5. Georgia Stitt on said:

    KB — I’d love to publish it. I’m planning to put the entire cycle on my second album and we’ll see what happens after that. For now, if you’re interested, you can buy the sheet music directly from me. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Bit of a latecomer to this but: heartbreaking and brilliant.

  7. Lauren on said:

    This music is absolutely amazing! I love them all!!!

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