York Theatre to feature THE DANGER YEAR in NEO Reading Series

May 8, 2014

Friday, May 16
The Danger Year
Music and Lyrics by Georgia Stitt
Book by Jamie Pachino
Directed by Kent Nicholson
Producing Mentor: Janet Brenner

Featuring Kate Baldwin, Charlotte Maltby, Pearl Sun, Clark Thorell, and Nik Walker

In Japan, certain ages are believed to be “Danger Years”-twelve months of calamity, upheaval … and rebirth. The ground shifts, lives are upended, and things that were clear suddenly become blurry. It’s upon this precipice The Danger Year is set. This revue brings together five characters at this explosive and pivotal moment of their lives, as they confront the choices they’ve made, the relationships they’ve built (or destroyed), the worlds they yearn for, and the worlds they can no longer sustain.

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