April 8, 2007

Okay, it’s official. The new website is up and running, the big concert is Monday night in NYC, and the album will be released next week. I think things are definitely starting to happen. At last.

Welcome to georgiastitt.com! I’m hoping that as soon as I learn how to update this website myself it will be a place where I can talk about my experiences in the entertainment industry, and I can share with you the music that thrills me, pieces of theater that move me, books that are beautifully written and people that are inspiring. I encourage you to do the same. In the meantime, come to the concert, buy the album, post a comment. Let’s start a community.

More to come…


Just a reminder that the concert is on Monday night at Birdland in NYC. 7 pm show, and ticket reservations are going well, so if you want a seat call now and reserve it! 212-581-3080 or www.InstantSeats.com/Birdland.

I have so many special guests. Maybe you’ve heard of some of them?

Andrea Burns
Matthew Morrison
Jenn Colella
Will Chase
Lauren Kennedy
Tituss Burgess
Cheyenne Jackson
Kelli O’Hara

Ashley Anderson
Chad Doreck
Kevin Greene
Juliana Hansen
Derek Keeling
Austin Miller
Kathleen Monteleone
Matt Nolan
Kate Rockwell
Allie Schultz
Ashley Spencer

Gary Sieger, guitar
Randy Landau, bass
Norbert Goldberg, drums
Sam Davis, guest conductor and pianist

Check out the new album “THIS ORDINARY THURSDAY” here:


or here:


And take a look at the new website! Go to the forum and let me know what you think!


See you very soon!


2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Real History Lisa on said:

    Is the title track autobiographical? “…Jason says he’s in love me…”

    Can’t wait to get the whole album – the snippets online are intriguing. Wish I lived in NYC so I could pop over, darn it!

  2. Georgia Stitt on said:

    Of course it’s autobiographical! I mean, the relationship is real, the emotional truth is real, the descriptions of NY City and brownstones in the Village are all real. The actual event may or may not ever have happened, but that’s what songwriters do. We write about emotional truths and hope that we can present the facts in a way that’s convincing and full of perfect rhymes. I actually tried lots of different names, but the name “Jaaaa…son” just sang so beautifully. Oh well.

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