Songwriting Master Class in North Hollywood

July 22, 2011

Everyone’s process is different, and we all know something about how to write or else we wouldn’t be here. But how do we write on a deadline? What does it mean to have technique? How much do we depend on our collaborators, and how much do we push them? In this two-day workshop, we will tackle a number of songwriting challenges. Exercises (depending on the desires of the group) could include writing a simple and clear 32-bar song, writing a song based on someone else’s experience, writing a (not boring!) list song, writing comedy, writing a song for a character in a found photograph, setting a piece of poetry, and/or writing lyrics to a pre-existing melody or writing music to a pre-existing lyric. Ideally, we will do some small group collaborating and assuredly we will have some overnight homework. Writers must be willing to attempt to write both lyric and melody even if experience is more significant in one area than the other. (Participants need not be pianists but must have some way (sing? guitar? demo?) to present original music.) Think ‘theater games’ for the writer. Class needs a minimum of four participants.


Instructor: Georgia Stitt

Saturday/Sunday 2pm to 6pm
July 23 & 24
Course Fee: $195 (Early Bird/ANMT Member Fee: $150)


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  1. nampa on said:

    It is very good practice to attend workshops like that, songwriting is a creative art and one should learn it properly to perform well in practical life.

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