September Song

September 24, 2009

It’s September, and I’m trying to stick to my goal of releasing one new piece of sheet music each month. This month’s release is my setting of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29. Like so many of my pieces that aren’t from shows, I wrote this one at the behest of my friend Joel Fram for one of the New Voices Collective concerts in New York many, many years ago. The first person to perform it was George Dvorsky, who sang it beautifully at that NVC concert at Symphony Space. And then my friend Damian Humbley sang it in a concert in London and knocked my socks off. Most recently, Tituss Burgess sang it in one of my concerts at Birdland. (Tituss transposed it up a fourth, because he’s super-human.) In my master plan, this song will be fully orchestrated and released on my next album, which I’m hoping to finish in 2010. In the meantime, though, the sheet music is finally available, and you can get it here. And just for fun, here’s video of Tituss being amazing.

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