Samantha Spade: BEHIND THE SCENES!

September 26, 2014

I’ve been hiding under headphones listening to mixes of a show I like more and more each time I get a chance to work on it. The demos will be ready to share soon, but in the meantime, Lisa Diana Shapiro has made a behind-the-scenes video of our day in the recording studio with a group of fantastic musical theater students from Pace and Northwestern. So many thanks to Amy Rogers and Ryan Scott Oliver for their help in making this happen. It’s really happening.


featuring Mary Claire Miskell, Alex Getlin, Kendyl Ito, Kelsey Lake, Kerri George, Bettina Bresnan, Sean Potter, Tony Clements, Adam Levy, Billy Goldstein, Toren Nakamura and Jamal Douglas. With Georgia Stitt on piano, Randy Landau on bass and Michael Croiter on drums and recording/mixing. Music by Georgia Stitt and Book/Lyrics by Lisa Diana Shapiro.

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