Review: My Lifelong Love: An Evening with Georgia Stitt and Friends – Garrick Theatre, London

October 27, 2014

Reviewer: Ava Eldred

In recent years, an abundance of ‘One Night Only’ concert engagements seem to have popped up in and around the West End. As with any instance of over-saturation, some are average, some are terrible, and then there are the rare ones, such as last night’s performance of My Lifelong Love: An Evening with Georgia Stitt and Friends, that are classy, have a reason for existing, and for the most part are truly excellent.

A lot of this is to do with the material. Georgia Stitt manages to be both mature and youthful in her writing; she sounds contemporary and fresh but always with a solid assurance that she knows exactly what she’s doing. Interestingly, the programme lists the years in which the songs were written, and for the most part, Georgia’s writing gets better and better as time goes on. Particular highlights include Palimpsest, written in 2013 for the Once Upon A Time In New York City concert series and Stop, from Georgia’s current projectThe Danger Years, which formed the entirety of the concert’s second act. This is usually a structure I find dull, but it worked well here. The Danger Years is pacy and engaging, and will become even more exciting as it is developed. Read more…

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