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April 14, 2008

You may have known that I worked in reality TV, but did you know I was an expert in the field?

The task ahead this week is writing out accompaniment for songs I’ve composed and even performed but never bother to write down on paper. Eerrrgghhh, it’s a tedious job, filled with tiny decision after tiny decision. But with so many performances coming up and so many people learning music without me in the room to tell them how it all goes, it seemed like time to get all those ducks in a row.

Coming up in May, we’re doing the reading of The Water that I wrote about earlier, and then two weeks later (on May 26th, to be exact) I’ve got a concert at Birdland in New York. It hasn’t officially been announced, but in addition to performing the Alphabet City Cycle live (with Kate Baldwin and Victoria Paterson, just like on these recordings), I’m premiering yet another a new song cycle and I’ll be trotting out some of the old familiar songs that I do at every concert. I started putting the evening together and realized that the list of songs I was drawing up looked exactly like the list of songs I had performed at my Birdland concert in 2004, so I figured it was time to write some new tunes. Which I did. Look for performances from Keith Byron Kirk, Lauren Kennedy, Elizabeth Salem, Jennifer Simard, Tony Holds and… maybe even a few others. We shall see. It’s still over a month away. But if you wanted to pick up tickets, you would do it here.

And finally, just cuz I’m a mom…. don’t you wish you always felt this happy?

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