Lucky 07

July 8, 2007

Today is 07-07-07. I didn’t notice it until I was writing a check to my babysitter early this evening. Too late in the day to take advantage of the extreme luck-i-tude of the date, but I thought maybe it was worth mentioning. I don’t feel like it was a particularly lucky day for me, but hey — I wasn’t in Vegas. Apparently zillions of people got married in Vegas today. So I’m glad I wasn’t in Vegas.

I did, however, do something today that I rarely do. I abandoned a book. I am a bit of a completist, usually, in these matters. If I start reading a novel, I stick with it until I finish it. If it’s not a good book, I might grumble the whole time I’m reading it. (“Can you believe the audacity of this author — wasting my time so?!”) I suppose it makes me not so much fun to be around. But I think there’s a value in finishing what you start, even if it takes a long time. I don’t leave shows at intermission. I still watch “Desperate Housewives” even though it jumped the shark two seasons ago. (And, oy, “The L Word.”) And I finish books.

With that lofty paragraph preceding this one, I’ll now tell you that after 162 pages and a cursory glance through the reader reviews on, I am abandoning the John Irving novel Until I Find You. I read the whole first section (122 pages) even though I was bored out of my gourd, and I kept thinking it had to get better. Forty pages into the second section and I thought maybe I’d take a look at what other people had to say, just in case it didn’t get better. Apparently it doesn’t get better.

I’m the mother of an almost-two year old, and if I find 30 minutes a day to read, it’s stolen from something else I’m supposed to be doing. At that rate, I’m looking at weeks and weeks of this, and honestly, life’s too short. My apologies to Mister Irving. I really am a huge fan of other novels of yours. I read A Prayer For Owen Meany in about three days because I just couldn’t put it down.

Alas. Jose Saramago awaits.

Lucky me.

3 thoughts on “Lucky 07”

  1. Real History Lisa on said:

    Don’t feel bad! Yes, follow-through is key to success in life. But the older I get, the more keenly aware I am that my most valuable possession is time, and I’m no longer willing to give it to books or any form of entertainment that can’t grab me and keep me. It’s a rare novel these days that can hold my interest for more than 20 pages. But when I find one that does, it’s very rewarding.

    You did the right thing!

  2. missy on said:

    When you have a two year old, solitary moments are very precious and if the book you’re reading isn’t worth the time, put it down and move on! A good book can revive the soul and that is why we read.
    I didn’t put too much creed in the 07/07/07. If you are a lucky person, then luck will be with you, if not, the numbers aren’t going to change that. As for getting married on that day? I truly feel luck has nothing to do with it. It is all about love and hard work and respect for each other.
    Enjoy the new book

  3. Boris the Tortoise on said:

    Don’t feel bad. For our english class a couple years back, we had to read 2 books and do an essay relating them to each other (blah blah blah) and i ended up only reading one book, and about 3 chapters of the other one and winging the rest of it. (Thank you Sparknotes!!!)

    I also have the habit of buying books, reading about 100 pages, becoming distracted with something else, and never picking it up again. I would kill to be able to read a book in a few days. Jeez.

    My imaginary stove pipe hat is off to all of you!

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