BIG RED SUN prepares for NAMT

September 24, 2010

I’m pretty excited to announce that my show BIG RED SUN has been chosen to be featured in the National Alliance for Musical Theater’s Festival of New Musicals this fall. I’m told that about four hundred shows applied and they chose eight, so I’m thrilled. That was bragging, wasn’t it? Whoops. Sorry.

Regular readers of this blog (both of you — Hi, Mom and Dad) will recall that a year and a half ago BIG RED SUN was part of the Oklahoma City University festival called OCUStripped. And that’s the last time I wrote about it. Since then we’ve made new demos (all featured here on the show’s website), edited down a 45-minute version of the show for the festival, hired a fantastic cast, director, & music director, and now I’m orchestrating the whole darn thing for piano, bass, drums, and a reed player. Rehearsals start in a few weeks and we have two presentations at the end of October. If you’re INDUSTRY (defined as: “someone who is an entertainment professional who can aid in the advancement of the musicals being presented or the writer’s careers”) you can get a ticket here. And if you’re interested in the show, you can write my manager Bruce Miller to get all the materials (script/demo/production specs) for your consideration. Everyone else, please enjoy the demos and watch this space for information about what comes next.

Click here to hear the closing number, cleverly titled: “Big Red Sun.”

BIG RED SUN (Harry, Helen, Eddie and ensemble)
Singers: Daniel Tatar, Melissa Lyons, Jason Robert Brown, Katie Von Till, Lizzie Weiss, Dan Callaway, Jay Donnell
Piano: Georgia Stitt; Bass: Tim Christensen; Drums: Tom Walsh; Guitars: George Doering and Kevin Dukes

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