Not Yet

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Associated Artists: Heidi Blickenstaff, Marika Aubrey


You wanna know my middle name?
Not yet.
You wanna set my heart aflame?
Not yet.
I’ll surrender everything in time.
You’ll be my reason and my rhyme.
You’ll know my pride; You’ll know my shame.
But not yet.

Some girls tell everything they know.
Not yet.
Some girls reveal what’s down below.
Not yet.
If you stick around, you’re guaranteed.
Your plans to win me will succeed.
My heart will open up and bleed,
But not yet.

I’ve waited far too long
To give myself away.
It took me years to get to know me.
But now you stand here at my door,
Professing love forevermore.
Well, that’s great,
But just wait:
I want you to know me.

You see a vision all in white?
Not yet.
You wanna stay awake all night?
Not yet.
I don’t have a problem with the plan,
But if it turns out you’re the man
Who fades as fast as he began,
I don’t want to forget
What I felt when we met.
Not yet.