Georgia makes my favorite kind of music, seductive on the surface and infinitely richer as you peel away the layers, the kind of music that rewards you for digging deep. I can listen to the songs over and over again and always find something new, something surprising.

– Eric Whitacre, composer

I have seen Georgia in her many roles: mom, wife, blogger, business woman, producer, chef, and of course, composer. I know her well, and still, the music surprises me, lifts me and takes me on unexpected journeys. Her singular and inspired point of view, I now know, is simply how Georgia sees the world. How lucky for us that she has the ability to articulate it so eloquently in music and lyrics.

– Susan Egan, Tony-nominated actress

Whether she’s on Broadway or working in television, Georgia is a consummate professional with a passion for all things music.

– Monica Valentinelli, MusicNotes

As a songwriter Georgia Stitt can be described in one very simple word: honest. Within a few short bars of music she captures and creates amazing emotional energy which can be both raw and poetic all at once. In fact, she invokes the sort of emotion which is distinctively real and personal: some moments can be about the smallest feeling, others can be thrillingly large in their journey and delivery.

– Bryce Ives, StageNotes (Australia)

Stitt is a musical theatre phenom whose star is rising fast.

– Josh Getlin, The Huffington Post

Stitt is a writer of great inventiveness. She creates songs that are psychologically intricate and layered. Her work always feels motivated by situation and circumstance, which makes her material very actable and satisfying.

– Andrew Byrne, Backstage

Stitt’s songs are a rich tapestry of stories and emotions in classical art song tradition, where new wonders, musical layers and voices, nuances, and indeed lyrics will be enjoyed, discovered and re-discovered on every hearing. Songs which will endure.

– Catherine Françoise, Musical Theatre Review, London

Georgia Stitt manages to be both mature and youthful in her writing; she sounds contemporary and fresh but always with a solid assurance that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

– Ava Eldred, The Public Reviews, London

So many of Georgia's songs are about self-discovery, and that is always appealing to me because I feel like we're always changing and becoming the person that we are. And her talent for writing melody is fabulous; she's a beautiful writer, and I love singing her stuff.

– Kate Baldwin, Tony-nominated actress/singer